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We clean your office or business facility the way you want it cleaned.

Our goal at Reliable Cleaning is to make your facility a pristine environment to conduct business. We want to ensure that your business environment leaves a lasting impression on your clients; and we know the first indication of quality is cleanliness.

To make sure we meet your expectations, we create a cleaning schedule for the services you require. Attached to each cleaning schedule is our Cleaning Standard. The Standard explains how our team will perform each cleaning, along with the expected outcomes. This is the result you can expect each and every time our cleaning professionals clean your space.

We have high standards at Reliable. Here is a list of a the standards we hold.

Waste Management:

All trash receptacles including sanitary containers in stalls will be free of waste and debris. Liners free of soil and tears. An extra can liner will be placed in the bottom of each trash can and liner tied to fit securely. Regular trash and recycling will be separate and taken to drop area or dumpster.

Sweeping and Mopping of Hard-Surfaced Floors:

Hard-surfaced floors will be clean and free of dirt streaks and there will be no dirt remaining in corners, behind doors. A neutral floor cleaning solution will be used on all waxed floor surfaces in order to preserve wax layers. Walls, baseboards, and other surfaces will be free of watermarks, scars from the cleaning equipment striking the surfaces, and splashings from the cleaning solution and rinse water. All surfaces will be dry and the corners and crevices clean after mopping. All traffic mats will be put back in place after floors are dry.

Vacuuming of Carpeted areas and Traffic Mats:

All carpeted areas will be free of soil and debris (including staples and paper clips). No debris will be left under traffic mats. There will not be any dirt left in corners, under furniture, or behind doors. Furniture and equipment moved will be placed back in proper order. There will be no trash or foreign matter left under desks, tables, or chairs.

Spot-Cleaning of Carpeted Areas:

Gum, tar, and other sticky substances will be removed from the area. Carpet will be spot-cleaned and free of recent, removable stains and spills. Spots are defined as: Up to two inches in diameter At least 50% shaded grayscale. Isolated, not grouped over a large area. (Any spot or group of spots requiring the use of carpet extraction equipment is not considered spot- cleaning)

Detailing of Furniture and Equipment:

Telephones will be sanitized and free of odor, makeup, and soil buildup. All desks, tabletops, bookshelves, file cabinets, windows sills, baseboards, chairs, thermostats, pictures, and other office furniture will be free of dust and debris. All surfaces of office furniture will be free of fingerprints, smudges, coffee/drink stains, and wiped streak-free. Special attention will be paid to dusting behind computers and around wires. Glass and doors will be free of fingerprints, stains and streaks. All computer monitors, CPUs, and printers, as well as all other office equipment free of dust and debris.

Sanitize Drinking Fountains:

All drinking fountains will be cleaned, sanitized and free of stains. The wall surfaces surrounding the drinking fountains will be free of water spots and streaks.

Interior Glass Cleaning / Wall Spotting:

Both sides of all entrance glass doors and interior glass surfaces will be free of obvious fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and streaks. Handrails, doorknobs, and other surfaces will be cleaned and polished to an acceptable luster. Walls up to a standing height will be free of obvious stains, deposits, dust and films.

Outside Ashtrays:

Exterior adjacent ashtrays will be sanitized and free of cigarette butts, soil, and debris. Liner, if used, will be replaced as necessary.

High/Low and Ancillary Dusting:

Corners, ceilings, floors, and baseboards will be free of cobwebs. Grills, diffusers and high ledges will be free of dust and debris. Venetian blinds and windowsills will be free of dust and debris. Interior plants and planters will be free of dust and debris. Windowsills, door ledges, doorframes, door louvers, window frames, wainscoting, baseboards, columns , and partitions will be free of dust.

Bathroom Areas Cleaned and Sanitized:

All commodes, urinals and sinks will be disinfected and free of visible stains, deposits, soil, films, odors and buildup around hardware. Exposed, accessible bright work will be dry-shined.

Toilet hinges, bases, exposed pipes under sinks and urinals will be cleaned and sanitized. Partitions around urinals and commode stalls will be cleaned and sanitized. Particular attention is paid to the area under towel dispensers.

Countertops/Dispensers Cleaned and Sanitized:

All countertops, mirrors and dispensers will be free of stains, deposits, hair, debris, soap scum and odors. All bright work will be dry shined. All sanitary receptacles will be cleaned. All paper and soap dispensers will be restocked.

Tables/Chairs Cleaned and Sanitized:

All tabletops, seats, chair backs and chair legs will be free of stains, deposits, dust, and films.

Kitchen / Break room / Cafeteria Areas:

Exterior of refrigerator, stovetop, toaster and toaster ovens will be free of stains, fingerprints and smudges. Underneath toaster, toaster oven and microwave will be cleaned and free of debris. Sinks and drains will be cleaned and sanitized. Dish drains and silverware caddy will be cleaned and sanitized. Wall areas near trash cans will be cleaned, tops of trash cans will be cleaned when necessary.

Stairwells and Landings:

Stair landings, stairwells and steps will be swept and mopped. Will be free of loose and/or caked dirt particles and dust. Handrails will be sanitized and polished when necessary.


Elevator doors and walls will be cleaned and sanitized. Floor will be cleaned, base plates and thresholds polished.

As you can see, we’re meticulous when it comes to cleaning your workspace. Our attention to detail means you can expect a level of excellence each and every time.

You won’t find a company in the Hudson Valley more dedicated than Reliable Cleaning Services. Check out all of the services we offer here.

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