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It’s All About Quality

The only way we at Reliable Cleaning Services measure our success is by ensuring that we are meeting or exceeding your expectations. To that end, we have designed what we believe is one of the best Quality Control Programs in our industry. Our dedication to quality control is second to none.

Our team of dedicated Quality Control Supervisors spot check jobs continuously, visit job sites unannounced and perform site-specific quality control evaluations to make sure our cleaning service providers are doing their job.

It Starts With A Team Of Dedicated Quality Control Supervisors.

They spot check jobs constantly, every day.

  • They make unannounced visits to job sites and perform site-specific quality control evaluations.
  • They make sure our cleaning service providers are properly uniformed and performing their duties thoroughly and completely.
  • They make sure that everything is right; any discrepancy found is corrected on-the-spot, immediately.
  • They evaluate each of our job sites a minimum of once per month. Some, based on their needs, their size and complexity will be evaluated more frequently.
  • In every job site, we provide and maintain a Quality Control Communications Log. This log provides for direct communication between our clients, our cleaning staff and our supervisors.

We maintain a pro-active approach to quality control. Besides the Quality Control evaluations that our supervisors perform, there are a number of other ways we do this.

  • We perform walk-through evaluations during regular business hours with our clients on a regularly scheduled basis or at their request.
  • Our QC Administrator solicits customer feedback by calling our clients regularly to ask if we are meeting their expectations.
  • We send a brief “feedback survey” to our customers each month with each invoice.
  • We also email a “Quality Control Survey” to them approximately once per quarter.

These are just more opportunities for us to ensure we are meeting our client’s expectations. And, by visiting our customers routinely like this, over the years we have been able to establish wonderful long term relationships.

Every single day, we devote the large majority of our management hours to Quality Control Assurance. Whether it’s evaluating our job sites, communicating with our clients or training our staff, you will not find a more dedicated team. For them, there is nothing more important than their commitment to meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations.

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